Core Java

Lectures for MIPT / Eesti Ettevõtluskõrgkool Mainor

Software prerequisites

Slides and code examples.

Week no. Topic Video
1 Overview of the history, features, and facilities of Java ecosystem presentation
2 Primitive types. Execution control. Operators. Arrays presentation
3 Classes. Interfaces. Object class and its standard methods presentation
4 Enumerations. Exceptions. Strings youtube video presentation
5 Regular expressions. Wrapper classes. IO classes. DateTime API presentation
6 Generics Generics:
youtube video

Java and Kotlin type variance:
youtube video

7 Collections, lambdas, method references Collections API:
youtube video

Lambdas and method references:
youtube video

8 JDBC API presentation
9 Streams API, Optionals. youtube video presentation
10 Java Concurrency youtube video presentation
11 Java Concurrency (ending). Annotations. youtube video presentation
12 Annotations (ending). Reflection API. Application architecture. Singleton (anti)pattern. presentation
13 Dependency Injection. DI working principles. Spring Framework: Spring DI, Spring AOP presentation
14 Spring AOP (ending). Spring Boot presentation